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Hello there, my name is Andrea. I am an entrepreneur, inventor, author, and serial humanitarian. I've been happily married for two decades to an amazing man with whom I share two beautiful children. I love spending time with my family, volunteering, helping to fight homelessness and hunger, inspiring positive change, writing, and inventing amazing products to share with the universe.

I was born to serve you. Derived a place of scarcity in my own life, I possess a heightened level of passion to assist the less fortunate with money and or time in remembrance of the fact that for a huge portion of my life, I was among the less fortunate.

I'm Extraordinarily ADHD! Many laugh at this term but I dominate ADHD, it doesn’t own me. I refuse to use my diagnosis as a crutch, an excuse, or a premise of blame on any level. Having ADHD doesn’t mean that I am not relevant, it doesn’t mean that I should deny the undying  message in my heart, or gifts I have within to give to the planet. I refuse to stop performing my magic in this world, stop sharing my testimony, stop vibrating souls, stop helping the less fortunate, or stop inspiring others who have been negatively impacted by a label to step into their greater selves despite what others may say or feel. I won’t ever allow anyone to place me in a box of inadequacy. I am smart, driven, and totally liberated from the scrutiny of others. In the words of Les Brown, "Someone's opinion of you does not have to become your reality."

I am victor of homelessness, neglect, sexual abuse, abandonment, and a host of other tragedies designed to break my spirit, sever my drive, and obliterate my determination to transcend into the best version of myself. For many years of my life, I allowed the horrific experiences of my past to manifest into fear, hopelessness, and people-pleasing, which ultimately created a barrier between myself and my ability to acquire greatness.

I made a decision to change. I was tired of running on the hamster wheel of self-sabotage. I had come to the end of my rope before I realized that I needed to take a leap of faith in order to change my life. With the help of a few amazing coaches, coupled with an agonizing desire to alter my life, I underwent an intense and terrifying journey of transformation, acceptance, self-love, and appreciation.

I am now on fire for living my best possible life and I am driven to help others to do the same. Knowing that every day is a gift, I smile as I stand in the center of complete freedom from the need of being branded with a stamp of approval from others. I have resolved within myself that I am good enough just as I am.

By learning how to completely love myself and boldly stand in my truth, I’ve discovered an effective way to package and share an array of experiences and lessons learned from a tumultuous childhood, to a vicarious adult, through public speaking, mentoring, and philanthropy. I empower others who are ready to take the first step on the road to victory.